Building your Inner Sanctuary

Are you too busy to relax? Do you feel your life is lacking in purpose? Are you just not managing to manifest what you want out of life? Do you find yourself fighting the rising anger? Is your mind always racing? Do you struggle to find clear insight into a problem? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you lack purpose and direction? Are you just not managing to manifest what you want out of life? Maybe you’ve even been on relaxation or stress management courses, but haven’t seen any lasting effect. If you answered yes to any of these, this workshop can make a positive and lasting difference in your life.

The Inner Sanctuary training teaches you to establish the sacred space within where you can go to receive spiritual insight and answers to your questions, restore balance and vitality, manifest your creative ideas, and strengthen your sense of purpose. Your sacred work in the Inner sanctuary continually brings greater light, love, wisdom and peace into your life and your world.

On completion of this workshop you will earn a Certificate of completion in Inner Sanctuary training by Delphi University.

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For more details, or to request this workshop at your own location please email us or call The Sanctuary at (650) 307-6486.