“My life was transformed and I was empowered through self-knowledge to recognize and change my out-dated patterns of behavior to support my new level of enlightenment.”

SteveGeorgia (RoHun)

“The recent energy healing session I had was unbelievable. I walked away from my session with renewed energy. I am not carrying the stress and nervousness that I went in with. I feel happy, energetic, relaxed, and proud to be me. I will be back for more… Being with Paul is a very comfortable feeling; you can sense the peace and serenity within.”

KathySan Jose

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your healing and guidance. It has made such a difference in my thought process and my way of navigating my life, most evident when dealing with conflicts at work. I have seen the change in my physical life as well. I quit smoking; I just told myself that I didn’t need this anymore. I thank you from my heart and I feel blessed to have crossed your path.”

H.P.Los Angeles (RoHun)

In the past I have found yoga to be too challenging (or that I just stress out about not getting the poses right). I loved Paul’s approach–more focus on the meditation/mindfulness/breathing/spiritual energy–was so enjoyable!

DebbiePalo Alto

Paul is a gifted teacher and meditation guide; his workshop provided a safe and sacred space for me to find deep inner healing and growth. On my spiritual path over the past 20 years, there are only 4 or 5 other times that I have experienced a shift or healing as powerful as what happened for me in this workshop. Through Paul’s gentle yet powerful guided meditations and compassionate support, I was able to discover and release a core belief that has been holding me back my whole life.

SherylSan Jose

“This Exploring and Healing your Inner World workshop served as a guiding light in the tunnel that lead to the depths of my soul.”

S. Fremont

“Paul’s approach made me feel centered, peaceful and calm. I recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to increase their energy and awareness.”


“Thank you for standing with me during those difficult times, for being the shoulder to cry on, the shoulder to lean on when I felt my world collapsing around me. Thank you for offering up your beautiful smile and compassionate heart to me when I needed it the most. Thank you for the understanding of something that was bigger than I ever expected it could possibly be, you were there for me to hold me up within the darkest moments of my life.
Kate, in sincere appreciation of your valuable help, please accept my respect and gratitude.”

Mary H.Florida (RoHun)

I want to thank you Paul, for the Yoga class last Wednesday night. First it was the fastest hour and a half ever, time stood still, Second, I felt fabulous all night and even still today. The heavy focus on meditation and using the Yoga to aid in the meditation is wonderful. SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY!

AdamSan Jose

Thank you for your beautiful pieces of art and inspiration…very inspiring!
Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.
Hopefully our paths cross again somewhere down the road.
Until then…
With love and blessings from us both.

- Deva Primal and Miten