RoHun™ Therapy

 is a self-enlightening process, with the core concepts centered around energy. Since everything in the universe, including our bodies, is comprised of interacting molecules, learning and using the RoHun processes can affect every aspect of your life, from the areas that directly affect you, to those things on the fringes, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

How can RoHun™ help me?

RoHun teaches a process of transformation that systematically enlightens your thoughts and feelings. Working with a trained RoHun therapist, you learn how to:

  • Clear faulty thoughts that attract negative situations and people.
  • Understand, forgive and release the past.
  • Identify and recognize thought patterns that create your reality, and modify these for your highest good.
  • Connect with your Spirit and Higher Self.
  • Strengthen and maintain your spiritual purpose and connection with the Divine in you.

What makes RoHun™ unique?

RoHun™ is a spiritual process of mental and emotional healing that awakens and utilizes our higher centers of love, intuition and wisdom to facilitate healing and transformation. RoHun’s in-depth and thorough processes tap into the unconscious regions of the mind to surface and release energy blocks caused by traumatic and negative life events that may have resulted in feelings of guilt, shame, anger or confusion.

By accessing The Higher Self and Inspired Mind, RoHun effectively and lovingly removes the hidden shadows that restrict, limit and sabotage our vitality, creativity, and self-esteem. Through RoHun, emotions that prevent us from feeling and experiencing the full meaning and purpose of our lives are transformed.

The RoHun™ Processes

RoHun™ Card Session

The RoHun™ Healing cards are used to help you uncover a major block that is stopping you from taking your next step. Session takes around 60 to 90 mins.


RoHun™ Purification Process

An in-depth cleansing of thoughts that no longer serve you, helping you break patterns of victimization that you have held for lifetimes. The healing is highly interactive between you and your therapist and consists for 3 or 4 sessions of 2 to 3 hours each. A commitment to the entire process is necessary.

$210 per session

RoHun™ Caged Process (Shadow work)

The Caged process moves you into greater depths of consciousness where elements of your shadow surface and are released. It uncovers and releases those secretly held abusive thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings are “caged” or locked away from your conscious awareness. This transformative healing work consists of 4 sessions, approximately 2.5 hours each.

$210 per session

RoHun™ Advanced Processes

These are transformative and advanced processes that continue the healing of the subconscious, and expand your awareness to greater states of Light and love in your consciousness.

The Androgynous Process – male and female healing (three sessions);

The Divine Mother, healing issues with the mother (one session);

The Origin Process – healing issues with God (two sessions);

The Seven Visions of Self (three sessions).

$210 per session

RoHun™ Deep Core issues

In these insightful and transformative processes of RoHun, you see, experience, and understand the underlying negative belief systems upon which you have built your life. Constructs reveal the mental aspects of these beliefs. Vaults reveal the feeling aspects, and Tanks reveal the deepest forms of self-abuse.

“Together through the Darkness,
Searching for the Night,
Collecting up the Pieces,
To give to the Light.”
-Paul Miller

To book a session with Paul or Kate, or for more information please email us or call The Sanctuary at (650) 307-6486