RoHun™ Cards

 is a self-enlightening process, with the core concepts centered around energy. Since everything in the universe, including our bodies, is comprised of interacting molecules, learning and using the RoHun processes can affect every aspect of your life, from the areas that directly affect you, to those things on the fringes, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

RoHun cards are used to uncover where you are stuck right now. Working together the therapist, using the RoHun process, you will then uncover the roots of the issue and develop and understanding of the patterns this is manifesting in the you life today. Once understood, the block energy is released, freeing up your energy to create and manifest the positive and harmonious life you really want.

How can RoHun™ help me?

RoHun teaches a process of transformation that systematically enlightens your thoughts and feelings. Working with a trained RoHun therapist, you learn how to:

  • Clear faulty thoughts that attract negative situations and people.
  • Understand, forgive and release the past.
  • Identify and recognize thought patterns that create your reality, and modify these for your highest good.
  • Connect with your Spirit and Higher Self.
  • Strengthen and maintain your spiritual purpose and connection with the Divine in you.


Card sessions are usually an hour, but can run to 90mins –  $120/hr