Brazilian Light Energisation

The late Mauricio Panisset, known as the “Man of Light”, pioneered this magical and sacred process. Paul and Kate trained with Mauricio’s widow, Kimberley, who continues to bring this beautiful work into the world.

Each energisation is a mystical experience, creating a sacred connection between you and spirit. The session involves safely stimulating the Kundalini Energy to facilitate inner peace and harmony, expanding and balancing your major chakras. The Pineal and Pituitary glands are also stimulated, in turn expanding consciousness, enhancing spiritual perception, psychic vision and cosmic connection.

Energization is for those who desire a spiritual awakening or renewal. This healing is ideal for individuals who embody passion for and commitment to their spiritual evolution

Clients lie on a padded table, fully clothed, wearing white, or light coloured clothing for the session, which is approximately 45 mins.

Single Session – $80
Series of seven sessions – $500

To book a session with Paul, or for more information please email us us or call The Sanctuary at (650) 307-6486.