All the therapies on offer here are routed in energy work. We believe the key to healing is the bringing together of Body, Mind and Spirit. Our Philosophy is to "teach people how to fish", rather than just feeding them a fish each day. We offer practical steps to improving and freeing your self, with the emphasis on empowering the individual to make the changes that they wish to make. It can start with something as simple as creating a sacred space in your own home, where you are able to do a very simple breathing meditation. Perhaps you are looking for some insight or are ready to delve deeper into your discordant thoughts and feelings in order to free yourself from them. We encourage you explore the site to see which therapy might help you most today.


All the energy work on offer here facilitates healing and well-being in the Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional bodies. As energetic beings, we all have different needs at different times. If you are looking for clarity and insight on an issue try a Reading, or perhaps you want to dig a little deeper into something that has surfaced recently, a Reiki session might help. Maybe you are looking to raise your vibration and open your awareness, in which case try a "Light Energisation". Have a look around and see what resonates with you


Workshops range from a few hours to a whole weekend. In the Introduction to Meditation class, you can find some simple techniques that work for you. Group RoHun Therapy offers a safe place to start looking inside and releasing some of those trapped thoughts and feelings that can block us. How about learning how to create your own Mandala and how to use it as a meditation tool? These are just three tools for your life we have on offer - See what is on offer


Meditation is the foundation upon which we can build our new selves, from where we can create our new reality. It can be as simple as breathing and as profound as our souls. You will be amazed how much impact just 5 minutes a day for a couple of weeks can make in your life. We offer classes for beginners, Meditation CDs, for practice at home, and a monthly group where you can come and join together with others and feel the increased energy of a group meditation. For more details, look at our Meditation page.

Upcoming Featured Events

Trunk Show

Details: Join me at Breathe, for a festive trunk show, on Small Business Saturday. I will be there with my range of Malas and gemstone Jewelry - they make wonderful Christmas gifts! If you've been thinking about a custom mala, why not pop in and have a chat, we can pick out some beautiful stones for you!

Living Taiji & Living Qigong Introduction Night

Details: Free Intro to Taiji & Qigong
Join master instructors Gideon & Ana Enz for an evening intro to two of the Asia's most comprehensive and effective exercises. Though qigong (chi kung) and taiji (tai chi) are both ancient and powerful, they are more relevant than ever in today's imbalanced world. But what exactly are these exercises and how can you learn them? Which style is best? If one style isn't better than any other, than how do you choose? How do you find a qualified teacher or school?

What's the difference between a taiji & qigong? What's the difference weekly class and a Living Taiji or Living Qigong course? When these questions and more are addressed in a simple and straightforward manner, you may find yourself surprised by the elegant simplicity and effectiveness of taiji & qigong practices.
Finally, learning these ancient arts doesn't have to be a mystery. Come see for yourself why!

SPARC Meditation Workshop Pt 1

Details: Come and discover how to manage, reduce and eliminate your stress and reclaim your quality of life with practical and easy to use techniques. Venue: Universal Connection Store, San Jose, Dates: 7th & 14th December. Time: 10:00am to 12:30. Cost: $185 (inc workbook and CD), Call: (408) 564-0722 to book your place.

Vagabond Indie Craft Fair

Details: Join me and other local artists, for a day of fair trade and handmade gifts. I will be there with my jewelry and malas, come and find some gifts with just the energy you are looking for!

Man of Light - Free Movie Night

Details: Man of Light - a true story.
This is a movie about one of the most amazing men that lived in our time, Mauricio Panisset was literally a man of light. When performing his healing work, bright lights could be seen flashing like lightening from parts of his body. “Mauricio Panisset was the most unique individual I have ever met personally” - Wayne Dyer.

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“When one keeps dwelling on the faults of others, his own compulsions grow worse, making it harder to overcome them”.

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